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I build 

buzzing brands & 

striking content. 


Here's A bit about me!

How I got here

I was put into my first summer stock musical when I was 3 years old. As a child, I had a love for performing, sought out any opportunity I could to put on a show, and never saw myself doing anything else.  


Over time, I learned that my love for people, thirst for innovation, and passion for perfecting an art can all apply to whatever I put my heart to.

WHATI studied

Through this realization, I soon found myself in Austin, TX at St. Edward's University. I graduated in August of 2020 with a BBA in Digital Media Management.


I've loved learning about digital and social media marketing, digital law, project management, corporate social responsibility, and dipping my toes into graphic and digital design. 


I've participated in events such as 3-Day Startup, been selected to attend the Marketing EDGE Collegiate Summit, and have attended SXSW 2016-2019.


When I can't do something in person, I'm seeking out webinars, LinkedIn learning videos, and any sort of podcast that will help me expand my perspective and broaden my understanding of my industry.

Ontop of that

Over the last three years, I have been singing , song writing, and managing local band Jade Vine.


I advocated for representation of minorities within leadership in the Bill Munday School of Business, served as VP & Chair of Events of C.E.O. Student Entrepreneurship Club, recently finished an internship as Digital Marketing Manager for DuSöl CBD Sparkling Water, and am working everyday to grow my creative content skills.


Creative Portfolio

Soundscape on Audacity - Kat Gualy
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